Dakota Exiles Riders have completed 200+Miles in their continued journey

UPDATE as of April 20th the Dakota Exile Riders have completed 200+Miles in their journey

Dakota Language Footprints upon the lands, and water.


A journey from Sioux Valley into Bdote

April 12, 2017 - May 4, 2017

Our Ancestors are not forgotten. Throughout Indian Country there has been many stories told of the atrocities that occurred to the Indian Nations in America. American Indian history is American history, by telling our stories of our ancestors we begin to mend, “the hoop.” When we ride the lands we do learn our history, learn our stories, and do this through ceremonies on these rides. We share while we ride to the locations where we once inhabited. Every year we memorialize the Dakota Exiles however; this ongoing project we intend to remember and honor the Dakota Exiles but also, begin celebrating our culture through the historical lands we once inhabited.

THE RIDE This is a 637 journey. 

April 12, 2017, the Dakota Exiles began their journey from Sioux Valley. We have been riding from the Canadian Border, and reconstructed the route through which our people were forced out of Minnesota and went too the furthest part of our Dakota territory. During their ride, we are insuring that our cultural teachings are strong, we will hold a gathering in cooperation with the State Historical Society at Ft. Abercromie, and join with our Anishinaabe relatives for celebration through music, feasting together, story telling, and more to restore who we are.

We welcome all riders to come out and ride with us to continue this journey of reconciliation of our Indian Nations and the continuation of mending of “the hoop,” for our future generations; our youth.

Riders from various Dakota Reservations will take it the rest of the way down to Bdote also known as Fort Snelling, Minnesota where we will end the ride at.

Peace Garden gathering, "Beautiful..." --  

"A positive atmosphere of prayer and unity greeted Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Unity Riders at the International Peace Garden on Saturday. The group, joined by relatives from throughout traditional Dakota lands, set out on horseback from Sioux Valley Dakota Nation on Wednesday, meandering through Westman to their final stop at the International Peace Garden."

April 22, 2017

Sioux Chippewa Peace Treaty Conference

Aug. 15. 1870 at Fort Abercrombie


We will be joining Anishinaabe riders on April 20th and land in Fort Abercombie, North Dakota to celebrate the historical “Sweet Corn Treaty,” that occurred on August 15th 1870 with the Chippewa and Sioux. We will begin our gather at 12-noon.

Our celebration is going to happen on Earth Day, April 22nd with our riders, and communities. Live music and performance by Annie Humphrey, Leech Lake – Anishinaabe. This is our day of celebration with our Dakota and Anishinaabe people, the treaty and our future plans in becoming unified again sharing our homelands and responsibilities to the lands, and water as well as respect for each other’s cultures and traditions by sharing once again as we did.

We will conclude our cultural ceremonies to set our unification promise in stone.

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Photos and Videos by some of the Dakota Exile Riders: Paha Rayce,  Helena Mazawasicuna, Curtis Mckay, Wakanyubdecewin McKay, Marcel Amiotte and more.